MP’s question sends Parliament of Ghana into ecstasy over sexually suggestive names of Communities.

Member of Parliament for the Abirim Constituency, John Frimpong Osei’s question to the Minister of Energy on Thursday drew prolong laughter from the Parliamentarians present in the august House. The MP simply wanted to know when some communities in his Constituency will be connected to the national grid, however the sexually suggestive names of the communities rather took the shine out of the otherwise very important question.

The communities that took the attention of the MPs were:

“Kote ye aboa” literally meaning the penis is vile, “etwe nim nyansa” translated to mean the vagina is wise and “hwoa ye mbobo” meaning the testicles are pitiful, among others.

The chief and queen mother of “Koti ye aboa” and “hwoa ye mbobo” were reportedly present at Parliament to observe proceedings.

Below is the video of what transpired in Ghana’s Parliament on Thursday:


Away from debates on the Brexit negotiations, Members of the UK House of Commons are set to take their 2018 Summer recess from July 24, 2018. The six-week break affords opportunities to MPs to attend to other important assignments outside the august House.

In the absence of Parliamentary sittings, Members of the UK Parliament work in their respective Constituencies, including holding surgeries and attending to constituency casework and correspondences.

They also commit time to attend to Party issues and local events. The break again affords MPs the opportunity to go on holidays and to partake in other engagements they will otherwise not make the time for.

MP for Northampton North, Michael Ellis has used part of his summer break periods in the past to garner some “work experience”. Some of Michael’s favourite shifts have included going on the beat with Northamptonshire Police, selling fruit and veg on Northampton Market, working on the tills in Morrisons and even flipping burgers at McDonalds, all in a way to better understand his constituents’ work.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-18 at 7.43.36 PM

Aside the recess in Summer, MPs and Peers also get short breaks for Easter and Christmas as well as one week breaks in mid-February and end of May.

After the break on Tuesday, Parliament is scheduled to resume sittings from September 4, 2018.

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